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Thoughts from the deep (Roger Marsh)

 Author, Poet, Thinker, Storyteller.

My love of books and learning has never been more important to me than when I have walked in the valley of shadows; because it has given me a perspective beyond the immediate moment, pointing me to what is true and beautiful when everything is clouded and sad. And it produced in me a love of writing, that eventually resulted in my first novel, Echoes In The Wind

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Why did I write my novel?

After serving several years in the Army, I began to realise that my friends from pre-army days were becoming more distant, and not just because of the constant moving. What I eventually concluded was that I had changed, and I had become part of a different culture; one that was derived from, but markedly different to the culture of the people in the world around me. This cultural dislocation is one of the greatest challenges faced by veterans especially when they leave the military. Their life, language (not all of it bad), and outlook set them apart. So I wrote this novel, partly, so I could give people a window into my world; with all its pressures, dangers, and hilarity. My hope is that it can do a little to break down the civilian/military divide.

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"Only those whose minds know the crowded and claustrophobic thought caused when death is buzzing past your ears should be allowed to question decisions made under the stress of battle."

 Rob Llewellyn, A Wind of Bitter Tears (coming soon)

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Echoes in the wind

14 March 2018

Echoes in the wind is a contemporary novel about the trials of an Australian Army serviceman after returning from operation in the Middle East.  

Available as paperback (ISBN 9780648202561)


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